Who Would Ever Do This?

Chris Norris-Jones

Two years ago Chris thought it'd be a good idea to play a lot of Metal Gear. It's kind of all gone downhill since, really.

He is a freelance writer, apprentice computermancer, Metal Gear enthusiast, and planner of silly events. The greatest tragedy of his young life was when the second disc of his copy of Metal Gear Solid stopped working. He drinks, but he swears only socially.

He has a tattoo that says 'Metal Gear!?' on his butt. Actually.

This year Chris is going to scientifically prove to you  that Metal Gear Solid 2 is the best Metal Gear game, and also he'll play a bunch of old MSX Metal Gear games because you can't really love something unless you let it hurt you from time to time. 

He has a website, chrisnorrisjones.com, and you can follow him on twitter @hoppedupgaming 


Bill McDonnell

Bill once became Snake (likely through hypnosis/nanomachines and not rum) and was convinced by his friends to call Mei-Ling from a parking meter and save his game on the way home. This should indicate something about both his love for Metal Gear and mental stability. He is one of the progenitors of this fateful marathon, having helping conceive the idea after spending a weekend in December of 2013 recording a Let’s Play of Earthbound with Norris, while explaining Middle Earth mythos at length.

In previous years Bill has embarrassed himself in various ways playing Snake Eater, sometimes failing to get the moss camo, sometimes revealing that he is color blind, but has redeemed himself by creating the legend of Doctor Crocodile, who is sure to make an appearance this year. Bill will be playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear: Snake’s Revenge, and Metal Gear: Ac!d this year. He sees the second two games as a way to pay his comrades back for the fact that he has bogarted Snake Eater for 3 years straight.

In his regular life Bill is an Education Technology Specialist, which is an awful fancy way to say “Turns things on and off, but in a school”. Last year, to celebrate marathon successes, Bill forced his compatriots to drink champagne out of used PBR cans, because, much like his No Man’s Sky pre-order, he is a prime example of the self-destructive impulse.


Kelly Wright

Kelly doesn't follow the mantra "One and Done", made clear by the fact that this is his second MGS Marathon.

Last year we saw him rise to the challenge of playing a lot of Metal Gear in a room full of sweaty men and terrible drinks. Somehow through it all he managed to remain childishly optimistic, and this year will hopefully be no different. 

When Kelly isn't streaming a disgusting amount of Metal Gear, he's helping to run a tech startup, recording a couple podcasts, and writing this bio. He'll be double-teaming The Phantom Pain with Mike Carter, and Zandatsu-ing his way through Revengeance.

Maybe Kelly will make his new mantra "Two Will Do."


Erik Tetreault

Back for another year, because Erik hasn’t learned from the last two marathons to just stop talking to these guys. Metal Gear will keep bringing him back even until old age where he has to sleep the rest of the year to save energy for the battle that is the Metal Gear Marathon. While working for a video game merchandise company Erik can’t escape Metal Gear. Always around cardboard boxes, shipping/receiving, packing, but mostly hiding in them and sneaking around the office.

Erik started playing Metal Gear Solid without even knowing what the name of the game he was playing, then after playing MGS 2 it was all over. Erik has the entire Solid series of games collected but each for a different console… Yep it’s possible, and no, he does not have all the consoles to play them.

For the last couple Marathons Erik has played through MGS 4 and MGS, with bits and pieces of a few other games in the series for relief when someone needs. This year he will be playing MGS again as well as Portable ops.


Mike Parker

Mike is joining the crew for the third year in a row, giving proof to the old saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times...you should probably find better friends."

During the two free hours Mike usually has every week, he often thinks about playing video games, but then usually decides to spend his time gathering lumber and attempting to build load-bearing furniture for the aforementioned terrible friends

This year Mike will take on MGS 4, and 'MGS for the Gameboy Colour', colloquially known as Ghost Babel, so that he can satisfy his craving for the two things he loves most: alternate universes and aggresive retconning. 

Mike Carter

Michael wasn't strictly invited to last year's Metal Gear Marathon but he showed up with CalorieMate and watched for a bit. Which turned into running the night shift of The Phantom Pain. He is the newest to the Metal Gear series in the group, having only been introduced last year. 

When Michael isn't attempting MLG style Phantom Pain D-Horse stratagems he is working as a game designer on a secret project that no one can know about. This year he plans on double teaming The Phantom Pain with Kelly and believing in the heart of the cards in Ac!d 2.