But MGM, I Want to Watch People Torture Themselves for My Donation!

Well then good news, we do that too here at MGM! If you've been able to watch us in the past, we've definitely not strayed away from earning your donations.

Every donation you put forward will have our hapless players do something terrible in the name of raising money for sick kids, including:

Snake Drink - A randomly mixed cocktail of horrible, questionably-potable liquids will be made for the current player (or donator's choice!) to consume!

Ocelot's Roulette - 6 shot glasses. 5 of them water, 1 of them...not. 

Volgin's Electroshock Therapy - Four people in the group have to play the electroshock game. Yes, we bought a toy that electrically shocks people for the sake of entertainment. It's all for the children.

Liquid Arm - Two players, one controller!

Solid Eye - Player must wear an eyepatch!

Plus other tortures we come up with as we're playing, we're pretty good like that.

We also have some more...special torture's ready for those who truly want to watch the entertainment. Case in point? We've managed to acquire some of the hottest chili peppers on Earth, and in the pursuit of raising money for the kids we're prepared to use them! And of course if you the viewer have any ideas (that don't involve bodily harm, property damage, or a harsh prison sentence) donate to the cause and let us know!